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Sing Sing is on yelp


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Sing Sing prison is getting 4 1/2 star reviews on Yelp. So you see people–it really is just about delivering quality service to your customers.

The return of They Might Be Giants’ Dial-A-Song!


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Some huge news! Online every Tuesday for the entire 2015 calendar year, Brooklyn’s Ambassadors of Love They Might Be Giants will be presenting a new song, returning to the bands roots as the progenitors of the FREE MUSIC FOR EVERYBODY GENERATION. Posting online every Tuesday, They Might Be Giants will be presenting new original recordings for your streaming and sharing pleasure at www.dialasong.com.


We have partnered with Slate’s The Gist with Mike Pesca to premiere the new songs on their Monday night podcast, and we are coordinating with a tight network of weekly college, community, and commercial radio shows interested in terrestrially broadcasting the sonic glory that is Dial-A-Song. We will be creating custom materials for your show, organizing interviews and other programming notes to make this short segment in your broadcast a real highlight.

So, in short Mr. or Ms. DJ—we have a new deal and we want you IN. If you’re independent-we’re independent! Let’s do this! http://www.theymightbegiants.com/dial-a-song-radio-network/

Here is a mysteriously short video about the return of Dial-A-Song

Here is a demonstration video in the manner in which the songs will be presented on the site. At Dial-A-Song we are looking to the highly practical youtube format to launch these tracks into the internet world.

Since posting this earlier this week, we have had over 60 like-minded DJs step up and join the experiment in human happiness that is They Might Be Giants Dial-A-Song. These are some of the towns already on board:

Surrey UK. Haxby York UK. Meath Ireland. Melksham UK. Sitka AK. Bloomington IN. Austin TX, Norfolk VA, Viroqua WI, Rochester NY, NY Mankato MN, Aston PA, Asheville NC, Charlottesville VA, Charlottesville VA Marshall MN East Orange NJ Columbus OH Columbus OH Columbus OH Holland MI Grand Rapids MI Charlotte NC Charlotte NC Fort Worth TX Troy NY San Francisco CA Lancaster CA Jeffersonville NY Cedar Falls IA Newmarket NJ Fountain Hills AZ Lyndonville VT Escondido CA Houston TX Orland ME South Royalton VT Orlando FL, Fargo ND State College PA Cleveland Heights OH Willimantic CT Cambridge MA Brattleboro VT Boise ID Buffalo NY Houston TX Boston MA Penfield NY Penfield NY Bozeman MT Blacksburg VA Hawthorne NJ

TMBGs major label debut Flood is now streaming in its entirety on youtube. Dig.


TMBG launches the Dial-A-Song Radio Network


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Hey Mr. DJ-we have a brand new deal. If you have a weekly show at a community, college or commercial radio and would be interested in taking part in our year long experiment in human happiness, check out this link!

You’re independent! We’re independent! Let’s do this!


(and people—if you know a DJ in your town-forward them this link. You are our only street team!)

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The new Dial-A-Song logo for the desk of Paul Sahre


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