Announcing Dial-A-Song Direct!


Greetings from John F. of They Might Be Giants!

In 2015, Dial-A-Song means a new song every week from us. Of course there are many free ways to hear these songs, but if you want them the moment they are released every week (and why wouldn’t you?) and want them forever (and why wouldn’t you?) get an annual subscription!

Dial-A-Song Direct is here. It’s just $30 for 52 songs direct to your in box, and if you slide in your friends email instead of your own, you have just given the coolest holiday gift to the TMBGer in your life.

The link?

This project is possible through a new music subscription site called DRIP (which we say stands for “Dial-A-Song Recordings is Perfect”) It’s a clean interface and a very sturdy delivery system (And for you lossless folks, DRIP also quite handily also allows you to get the tracks in the format of your choice.)

They Might Be Giants announce residency in Williamsburg, Brooklyn begins in January, first show is sold out



After the January Music Hall show sold out instantly, we got the idea. Play the last Sunday of the month in 2015! So, each show is a different set, drawing on our illustrious 30 year career. The shows start relatively early and it’s “An Evening with” so getting to school or work the next morning shouldn’t be a total drag. The next four months shows feature a different theme, all the favorites, as well as BRAND NEW SONGS from the Dial-A-Song project.

master link to the Bowery ticket page

JANUARY Sunday 1/25 is SOLD OUT

FEBRUARY Sunday 2/22 Songs from the First Album…

This show focuses on the band’s landmark debut album, often referred to as the “pink album.” It introduced the classics “Put Your Hand Inside the Puppet Head” and “Don’t Let’s Start” and established the band as innovators at the forefront of the alternative rock scene.

In 2013 They Might Be Giants performed their first album live to a sold out house at Royce Hall in Los Angeles, and much of that legendary performance was captured in the First Album Live recording which the band has posted as a free album download on their website. With over 40,000 downloads to date, the recording has sparked much new interest in this most startling of debuts.

MARCH Sunday 3/29 Songs from Flood…

Tonight’s show focuses on the band’s legendary Flood album. The RIAA-certified platinum-seller introduced the songs “Birdhouse In Your Soul” and the band’s singular cover of the Four Lads’ “Istanbul (Not Constantinople).”

APRIL Sunday 4/26 A Dial-A-Song Celebration, a Record Release Party…

THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS will be performing songs from their brand new album which will have just been released. The album contains a number of songs featured on their Dial-A-Song postings, and a bunch more.

MAY Sunday 5/31 Songs from The Else……

Tonight’s show focuses on the band’s exceptional 2007 release The Else. This album was celebrated as a return to form, with a fully rocking sound that finally captured the power of the group’s live lineup. The Else was recorded in a collaboration with producers The Dust Bros. (Beck, Beastie Boys, Hanson) and producer/engineer Pat Dillett (David Byrne & St. Vincent, Mary J. Blige, My Brightest Diamond).



These next four shows are VERY different and you are going to want to see them all. To thank you for your participation TMBG will be rewarding show recidivists with a complimentary t-shirt (A $25 value!) at the February show. The band will be introducing three new t-shirt designs momentarily, so have no fear about repeats! 

NOTE: This offer is only open to folks that purchase the four-pack ticket offer, and fulfillment will only happen at the February show.

A still from the film They Might Be Giants



The Instant Fan Club is here!


ifc lock logo

The Instant Fan Club is unlocked at A $200+ value for just $98. A pair of tickets, 3 new albums, 52 weeks of downloads, exclusive Live in Berlin DVD, t-shirt + more! Dig.



They Might Be Giants

They Might Be Giants on tour!


Screen Shot 2014-11-11 at 7.37.37 PM

Coming in April and May! Seattle, LA, SF, San Diego, SLC, Portland OR, Anaheim, Boise, Dallas, Austin, Chicago, Minneapolis, Boston, DC, St. Louis, Philly, Madison, Pittsburgh, OKC, Columbus OH, Brooklyn, Cleveland, Albany… and more!

Brooklyn stand is ON SALE


2015: we play the last Sunday of EVERY MONTH in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Why? Because we are both ambitious and lazy!



April-May means US tour!


DC, LA, Brooklyn, Seattle, Pittsburgh, SF, Chicago, Minneapolis, Boston, St. Louis, Philly, Madison, SLC, Boise, Portland OR, Dallas, Austin, OKC, Columbus OH, Cleveland, Albany, Anaheim, San Diego



A secret message from They Might Be Giants


Screen Shot 2014-11-10 at 3.20.37 PM

Hello TMBG-oriented folk–John and John of They Might Be Giants here. We are very excited to announce the new 2015 Instant Fan Club membership. The offering is already up and online and accepting orders at Due to the size of our organization, membership must be limited to the first 2500 people, so we encourage all interested parties to order now to reserve your spot, and be part of this experiment in human happiness!

Screen Shot 2014-11-10 at 3.25.25 PM

This new offering is action-packed and only $98 and, as always, all the shipping is totally free. We also have a super-deluxe Super President membership for $250 which is crazy cool including a limited vinyl edition of Flood.

Screen Shot 2014-11-10 at 3.21.20 PM

And although it’s outside of the Instant Fan Club, there is even a Dial-A-Song Direct package for folks who just want the new music on a weekly basis, and that’s just $30.

All 2015 They Might Be Giants Instant Fan Club members will receive
52 weeks of Dial-A-Song direct to your inbox
Two tickets to a They Might Be Giants live show of your choice (perhaps one of the monthly shows in Brooklyn?)
An autographed copy of the next They Might Be Giants CD
The next They Might Be Giants kids CD
The compilation CD of Dial-A-Songs from the end of 2015
An exclusive Instant Fan Club t-shirt
Two racing airplanes
Access to a live webcast in April or May
A Certificate of Thank You
An IFC membership card
and some secret surprises….

super president coin

Instant Fan Club Super Presidents will also receive

The next They Might Be Giants album on vinyl
The Dial-A-Song compilation album from the end of 2015 on vinyl, with your name listed on the artwork
The Instant Fan Club Super President Coin
Limited edition Flood double LP deluxe vinyl edition

The Instant Fan Club Oath

As a TMBG Instant Fan Club Member, I am a willing participant in this secret experiment in human happiness. When asked about the Instant Fan Club I shall reply: “Oh, I don’t know. You must be thinking of some other band.”