TMBG play Madison April 19th!


Madison ad 2

Celebrate Dial-A-Song with us!


in Brooklyn 2

A video about the April May US tour


Flood Live in Australia is a free download!


Flood Clinton flyer

A gift for you! over 50,000 served



April 17 Chicago 6

St. Louis!


St. Louis ad

For Leslie Gore


Hey DJ’s! TMBGs Dial-A-Song Radio Network is calling!



For all of 2015 They Might Be Giants is releasing a new song every week at (844) 387 6962 and at Over 100 DJs on community, college and commercial radio stations are also playing high fidelity versions of the new songs on the air. If you are a terrestrial DJ and want to be part of this project—JOIN US. 

Here is the link with all the info…

This song “Hey Mr. DJ, I Thought You Said We Had A Deal” is taken from They Might Be Giants original Dial-A-Song service-a phone machine in Brooklyn, NY. Yes it sounds pretty rough.

The Lauren Flax remix of I Was Dancing at the Lesbian Bar!


TMBG bring the rock to the US. Spring tour tickets are on sale now!


April May Tour 6

They Might Be Giants spring trek across the US!

4/16 Pittsburgh 4/17 Chicago 4/18 Minneapolis 4/19 Madison 4/21 Cleveland 4/22 Albany 4/23 Boston 4/24 Washington DC 4/25 Philadelphia 4/26 Brooklyn, 5/1 Los Angeles 5/2 Anaheim 5/3 San Diego 5/5 Salt Lake City 5/6 Boise 5/7 Seattle 5/8 Portland 5/9 San Francisco 5/10 San Francisco 5/13 Dallas 5/14 Austin 5/15 Oklahoma City 5/16 St. Louis 5/17 Columbus

Tickets for ALL THESE SHOWS are on sale now, and most of them will sell out, so get to it!…