Them Ain't Big Eye Ants


A Video Compilation 2004 – 2012

This brand new disc spotlights TMBG videos from 2001-2012. Amazing animations and rock videos, including rare Home Movies and Homestar Runner clips! This is a must-have document for all TMBG fans.

Track List

  1. When Will You Die?
  2. The Mesopotamians
  3. Tubthumping with AV Club Choir
  4. Bastard Wants to Hit Me
  5. Can’t Keep Johnny Down (Bees Knees Version)
  6. With the Dark
  7. Electronic Istanbul
  8. Alphabet of Nations
  9. Damn Good Times
  10. Anaheim
  11. We Live In A Dump
  12. Spoiler Alert
  13. Cloissone
  14. I’m Impressed
  15. You Probably Get That a Lot
  16. Experimental Film
  17. Can’t Keep Johnny Down (Surround Version)
  18. Shadow Government
  19. Taste the Fame (from Home Movies)
  20. Asbury Park
  21. Hollywood
  22. I’m All You Can Think About
  23. Read a Book
  24. 200 Sbemails