Announcing the 2018 Dial-A-Song Radio Network!


Hello DJs worldwide!
They Might Be Giants are re-launching
their Dial-A-Song service for all of 2018
and are inviting all DJs at community, college, 
and commercial radio shows interested in being
serviced with weekly musical installments from
 TMBG –– you are sincerely invited to participate. 

We are also booking band interviews
and creating programming notes
and custom audio materials
guaranteed to make the Dial-A-Song
segment of your broadcast a special highlight.

If you are a community, college, or commercial
disc jockey on a terrestrial radio station
(that’s FM or AM), 
we want you to be part of the official
Dial-A-Song Radio Network. And if you are
on the fence about being a DJ at your
college station in January, this is
another reason to get yourself on the air! 

To get into the Radio Network
feed, we do have this very
official form to vet all applicants.
 Membership is a privilege.

If you are an online DJ or podcaster, 
we appreciate your interest and
would love to hear what
you're doing at

All other DAS Radio Network questions
can be answered by emailing