It's Fun To Steal (Mono Puff)

Mono Puff 1.jpg

John Flansburgh’s Side Project

Flansburgh’s Mono Puff gets deeper into the groove on this more electronically-driven song set. Bass virtuoso Hal Cragin shines on the electric bass and Phil Hernandez of the Elegant Too delivers unexpected scratching and brilliant audio manipulations.


  1. Creepy
  2. It’s Fun To Steal
  3. Poison Flowers
  4. Mr. Hughes Says
  5. Imaginary Friend
  6. Taste The Bass
  7. Extra Krispy
  8. Dedicated
  9. Backstabbing Liar
  10. Hillbilly Drummer Girl
  11. Dashiki Lover
  12. Pretty Fly
  13. I Just Found Out What Everybody Knows
  14. Night Security