Cast Your Pod to the Wind


The best of the podcasts

Recorded while making The Else and Here Come the 123s, Cast Your Pod to the Wind compiles 23 tracks from TMBG’s celebrated podcast and beyond. Live radio recordings, unique ringtones for Wired magazine (including a cameo appearance by Broadway star Michael Cerveris), and tracks with TMBG’s Other Things Brass Band are all represented here.


  1. Put Your Hand On The Computer
  2. I’m Your Boyfriend Now
  3. Why Did You Grow A Beard?
  4. We Live In A Dump
  5. Brain Problem Situation
  6. Sketchy Galore
  7. Microphone
  8. Vestibule
  9. Greasy Kid Stuff
  10. Metal Detector (Live)
  11. Employee Of The Month
  12. Homunculus
  13. No Plan B (Live)
  14. Morgan In The Morning
  15. Kendra McCormick
  16. Yeah The Deranged Millionaire
  17. My Other Phone Is A Boom Car
  18. I Hear A New World
  19. (She Was A) Hotel Detective In The Future
  20. Haunted Floating Eye
  21. Scott Bower
  22. The Mexican Drill
  23. Cast Your Pod To The Wind