Yes! Catch up with these 3 new releases from us! Right here, and not elsewhere

Support indie music-especially ours! None of these new projects are going to be on streaming sites. While we love those places, we only love them as provisionally as they love us. (Such complicated times!) 

We have released the John Henry Demos, and it’s on all formats including VINYL. The fidelity here is superb, on heavy vinyl with a professional mastering job done right here in the US so fear not the word DEMO.

Then there is My Murdered Remains which includes many of the best songs from our recent Dial-A-Song work. Available as an instant download and on CD with 16 new songs, along with 16 bonus tracks. includes the smash hit single is The Communists Have the Music. Also on vinyl!

And finally a different kind of album-The Escape Team. Its eleven character studies based on the comic book by our long-time collaborator David Cowles. You have probably seen some of these videos every month or so, and many folks enjoyed these songs the most of the Dial-A-Song year: Re-PETE Offender, Burnice, Jackie the Clipper, Chip the CHiP. On vinyl, CD and instant download.