I've Been Seeing Things is Reason #4 to get My Murdered Remains.

In this thread: 18 big reasons you should get our new album "My Murdered Remains" by They Might Be Giants available exclusively from us, the band, right here https://bit.ly/2sNQAfW as an instant download, CD and vinyl shipping momentarily.

Reasons 1-16 are the songs themselves. Reason 17 is it's only not to be found on streaming sites*, and reason 18 is you deserve the joy of a new TMBG album in your life!

1 The Communists Have the Music

2 I've Been Seeing Things

3 Gudetama's Busy Days

4 Dog

5 Ampersand

6 Applause Applause Applause

7 The Neck Rolls Aren't Working

8 Selectionist

9 I Haven't Been Right Yet

10 Unctuous Robot

11 The Bullies

12 Tractor

13 Rowboat Mayor

14 Tick Tick Tick Tick

15 Last Wave (alternate version)

16 Best Regrets

*We love those streaming sites, but our love is so strong we have to take a momentary break.