My Murdered Remains. 18 Reasons to Believe. Reason 3 is Last Wave

In this thread: 18 big reasons you should get our new album "My Murdered Remains" by They Might Be Giants available exclusively from us, the band, right here as an instant download, CD and vinyl shipping momentarily.

Reasons 1-16 are the songs themselves. Reason 17 is it's only not to be found on streaming sites*, and reason 18 is you deserve the joy of a new TMBG album in your life!

1 The Communists Have the Music

2 I've Been Seeing Things

3 Gudetama's Busy Days

4 Dog

5 Ampersand

6 Applause Applause Applause

7 The Neck Rolls Aren't Working

8 Selectionist

9 I Haven't Been Right Yet

10 Unctuous Robot

11 The Bullies

12 Tractor

13 Rowboat Mayor

14 Tick Tick Tick Tick

15 Last Wave (alternate version)

16 Best Regrets

*We love those streaming sites, but our love is so strong we have to take a momentary break.