We play London in exactly one month!


9.20 Leeds SOLD OUT
9.21 Leeds SOLD OUT
9.22 Cambridge http://bit.ly/tmbg0922
9.23 Bristol http://bit.ly/tmbg0923
9.25 Munich http://bit.ly/tmbg0925
9.26 Antwerp http://bit.ly/tmbg0926
9.27 Amsterdam http://bit.ly/tmbg0927
9.28 Berlin http://bit.ly/tmbg0928
9.29 Hamburg SOLD OUT
10.1 Koln SOLD OUT
10.3 London http://bit.ly/tmbg1003
10.4 Manchester http://bit.ly/tmbg1004
10.5 Edinburgh http://bit.ly/tmbg1005
10.6 Dublin SOLD OUT

They Might Be Giants is back on the road with a new show with an expanded line-up of musicians. The show includes all-time favorites, along with an ever shifting rotation of fresh rarities spanning their epic career, and spur-of-the-moment improvisations that will delight even their exhausted road crew. To be direct: this show is not to be missed.  

They Might Be Giants has always been dedicated to keeping each performance a high-volume celebration of the band’s original music. It’s always spontaneous and occasionally ribald (that means just for adults everybody! No kids admitted!), and now for the first time, they’re on a full tour with show-stopping trumpet genius Curt Ramm (Nile Rogers, Bruce Springsteen). 


All of these shows are  “An Evening With” which means a BIG SHOW with TWO SETS. There is no time for an opening act. Please check your ticket or talk to your local venue to make sure but things typically only run a couple of ways: Sunday-Wednesday shows are DOORS at 7 and TMBGs SHOW starting at 8pm sharp. It all runs an hour later on Fridays and Saturdays with DOORS at 8 with TMBGs SHOW at 9 sharp. Thursdays vary from venue to venue. Some will have doors at 7, others at 8. 


This show is strictly for ages 14+ (if not 18 or 21 because of local restrictions). There are no exceptions. Under 14's will not be admitted under any circumstances, even if accompanied by an adult.

Please don't try bringing kids to bars--not because it's illegal, not appropriate, and often not safe--but because you won't be let in! No kidding and no exceptions. If you have kids and want to see the show, please get a sitter. THANKS!