Be a part of They Might Be Giants' Dial-A-Song Radio Network!

Hello current and future DJs worldwide! We here at They Might Be Giants are operating our Dial-A-Song service and we are inviting all DJs with community, college, or commercial radio shows to be part of it. We are currently finishing music and videos for our fall relaunch and are taking this opportunity to invite radio people to participate in the project. 

Every week starting Sept. 5 we’ll service your show with a brand new TMBG track! It’s the They Might Be Giants Dial-A-Song Radio Network. This year we already have 60 – breaking update: make that 90+ – participating stations from around the world but we sincerely want to spread the word about our project and want MORE. 

Or — if perchance you or your friend, or you AND your friend, are dreaming about starting a show this fall at your local station, this might be the extra bit of incentive to get you behind the wheels of steel! This is the direct link to all the info you’ll need: We are also booking band interviews with DAS Radio Network shows and making custom IDs to make shows excellent. Don’t postpone joy, join us ON THE AIR!