We are on tour across the United States! And Europe!

TMBG US Tour 5.jpg

New show! Two sets! Curt Ramm on trumpet! Favorites! Deep cuts! New songs! More cursing!

These shows still have tickets available:

4.13 New Haven CT http://bit.ly/tmbg0413
4.17 Covington Cincinnati OH http://bit.ly/tmbg0417
4.21 Portland ME http://bit.ly/tmbg0421
4.19 Rochester NY http://bit.ly/tmbg0419
4.22 Albany NY http://bit.ly/tmbg0422
4.26 Northampton MA http://bit.ly/tmbg0426
4.27 Boston MA http://bit.ly/tmbg0427

Then we are over there!
9.20 Leeds, UK ADDED! http://bit.ly/tmbg0920
9.21 Leeds, UK SOLD OUT
9.22 Cambridge, UK http://bit.ly/tmbg0922
9.23 Bristol, UK http://bit.ly/tmbg0923
9.25 Munich, DE http://bit.ly/tmbg0925
9.26 Antwerp, BE http://bit.ly/tmbg0926
9.27 Amsterdam, NL http://bit.ly/tmbg0927
9.28 Berlin, DE http://bit.ly/tmbg0928
9.29 Hamburg, DE http://bit.ly/tmbg0929
10.1 Koln, DE http://bit.ly/tmbg1001
10.3 London, UK http://bit.ly/tmbg1003
10.4 Manchester, UK http://bit.ly/tmbg1004
10.5 Edinburgh, UK http://bit.ly/tmbg1005
10.6 Dublin, IE http://bit.ly/tmbg1006

Then back in the US and a big 8 city tour of Canada!