Another "I Left My Body" video contest winner

Directed by Sascha Loffl, 1 of 3 winners of They Might Be Giants' "I Left My Body" video contest.

Judge Open Mike Eagle speaks: "The "It Took Me Two Viewings to Get it then it Blew my Mind Award" goes to Sascha Loffl: this was a very unique and effective way to interpret this song visually and its an amazing way to show how much fascinating material can come from a simple idea executed in a novel way."

director Sascha Loffl, camera René Vidovic, Luca Hecht, Marco Seuring, Martin Friedrich actors Sascha Loffl, Daniela Karol, Steffen Karol, Melanie Schäckel, Sven Schröder, Johannes Kümmel, Liv Grete Ketzler and Freddy the dog