The making of our new album begins at the studio where Flood was created

Things have been impossibly busy here in TMBGland. A couple of weeks back we formally embarked on making an album of brand new songs. We are working at Pat Dillett’s new studio space called Reservoir, which is the same magnificent studio space that was formerly Skyline Studios in midtown Manhattan in  where we first met Pat lo those many years ago and our major label debut album Flood.

Of course it brings back wonderful memories, but it also brings out fantastic sound (the big room is a magnificent wooden space, and the Neve console was acquired from Herbie Hancock’s studio–he made Rockit on it!). We spent last Tuesday recording the full band and knocked out four tracks, which felt like a lot even for us. Working titles are Mrs. Bluebeard, An Insult to the Fact Checkers, All Time What and When the Lights Come On. When will we be done? Who knows.

Watch this space!