Everyone loves FAQs, so why would we deny you that?

Q: When do things start?
A: Downloads arrive on the first day of Hanukkah, December 3.

Q: When will the products ship?
A: Almost all of the physical 2019 Instant Fan Club stuff will arrive before December 25th, but streaming events and exclusive audio treats will be happening periodically throughout 2019. There will also be a later shipment of the 7" vinyl and any additional vinyl orders. If you need to update your shipping address between now and then, please email fanclub@theymightbegiants.com.

Q: I'm a 2018 IFC member. What do I still have coming from that membership?
A: 2018 members will be receiving My Murdered Remains, The Escape Team, and TMBG 2018 Live on CD. If you'd like My Murdered Remains or The Escape Team on vinyl, you should to add those on to your 2019 IFC order.

Q: I want to give an IFC gift membership as a surprise. How do I avoid spoiling it?
A: Immediately following your order, both the purchaser and the recipient of the gift will receive a confirmation email. If you'd like to make it a surprise, you should list your own email as both the "purchaser email" and "recipient email." After the big reveal, email fanclub@theymightbegiants.com to have your recipient's email updated in our system.
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