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They Might Be Giants are an original band from Brooklyn, New York.

They work continuously — writing, recording, and touring. They Might Be Giants have also been involved in creating original music for numerous television, film, and advertising projects.



Bookend the Glean experience with this killer set of new tracks from TMBG! We’ve took the best of the second six months of They Might Be Giants’ year-long Dial-A-Song project and made a brand new album! It includes show-stoppers like “Trouble Awful Devil Evil,” “I Love You for Psychological Reasons” and a transcendant version of Destiny Childs’ “Bills, Bills, Bills.”

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Phone Power direct from They Might Be Giants: http://bit.ly/tmbgPP?
Phone Power iTunes: http://geni.us/TMBGiPP
Phone Power Amazon: http://geni.us/TMBGPP
Phone Power from your local record store: http://bit.ly/1rNDqNG


Pre-order the gatefold vinyl record now and enjoy ANALOG WARMTH
Or if you would rather enjoy the album INSTANTLY
get the download direct from They Might Be Giants: http://bit.ly/TMBGWhy
Of course, Why? is on iTunes: http://geni.us/iWhy
Why? is at Amazon: http://geni.us/aWhy
Why? from your local record store: http://bit.ly/1SGlGO0
Why?  for UK people: http://bit.ly/21PrNSj?

TMBG has a new album out called Glean.

The LP is notable because it is all killer no filler. It is available in all formats including FLAC and a special limited edition die-cut vinyl package http://bit.ly/1MpDedI


For twelve months, They Might Be Giants posted a new song EVERY WEEK as part of their 2015 Dial-A-Song project.

See the full set of videos for the songs right here! 

If you need instant free TMBG, check out They Might Be Giants’ app for iPhone and Android that streams a different song everyday. It also remembers the last five days of songs and will link you directly to the iTunes and Google Play stores if the spirit moves you.

There are also always free songs waiting for you when you join TMBG’s mailing list–expect a post about once a month. They will keep you informed of all live shows, video postings, and free stuff, but never ever share that information. Sign up here…

For the complete TMBG discography, visit our music page. TMBG is on FacebookTumblrTwitter and John F. of TMBG is on Instagram.

They Might Be Giants are proud to have won two Grammys, sold a crazy number of albums, and worked with many great record companies, and even some real stinkers. For a complete, almost day-to-day history of everything TMBG have ever done, go to www.tmbw.net, the fan-created They Might Be Giants wiki.