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Hello! John F. here. It is a very exciting moment as we embark on this, the 2nd magnificent leg of our US tour. We start with a long run of sold out shows on the West Coast, along with scheduled appearances on WTF and Conan, then trek across the Midwest and Northeast! If you haven’t heard, these are all “An Evening With TMBG” and that means a big night out! We start early with no opening act and play two sets. This expanded set up allows us to include many different songs from our repertoire with new selections from I Like Fun, Apollo 18, and Mink Car joining all the classic TMBG favorites. While the show changes almost every night we always make a point to spotlight John L.’s contra alto clarinet as well as the Curt Ramm trumpet. And yes there is a show within a show—we have the Quiet Storm; a set of new arrangements of songs where it’s often quiet but always stormy.

2.27 Phoenix AZ
3.1 San Diego CA SOLD OUT
3.2 Los Angeles CA SOLD OUT
3.3 San Francisco CA SOLD OUT
3.4 San Francisco CA selling out!
3.6 Eugene OR SOLD OUT
3.7 Seattle WA SOLD OUT
3.8 Portland OR SOLD OUT
3.9 Salt Lake City UT
3.10 Denver CO SOLD OUT
3.11 Boulder CO
3.13 Kansas City MO
3.14 Omaha NE
3.15 Minneapolis MN
3.16 Milwaukee WI selling out!
3.17 Chicago IL SOLD OUT
3.18 Louisville KY
4.13 New Haven CT
4.14 Washington DC SOLD OUT
4.15 Pittsburgh PA SOLD OUT
4.17 Cincinnati OH
4.19 Rochester NY
4.20 Burlington is SOLD OUT
4.21 Portland ME selling out!
4.22 Albany NY
4.26 Northampton MA
4.27 Boston MA
4.28 Philadelphia is SOLD OUT

Then we get on a jet plane!
9.20 Leeds, UK 2nd SHOW ADDED!
9.21 Leeds, UK SOLD OUT
9.22 Cambridge, UK
9.23 Bristol, UK
9.25 Munich, DE
9.26 Antwerp, BE
9.27 Amsterdam, NL
9.28 Berlin, DE
9.29 Hamburg, DE
10.1 Koln, DE
10.3 London, UK
10.4 Manchester, UK
10.5 Edinburgh, UK
10.6 Dublin, IE


Dial-A-Song is back for 2018 and is available on a tremendous number of platforms. The website is, and the free Dial-A-Song at for Apple is here and for Droid