A User's Guide to They Might Be Giants


Full-Length Compilation Album

Rhino released the single-disc compilation A User’s Guide To They Might Be Giants – kind of a simple reduction of Dial-A-Song. The liner notes contain a listing of every show (as of the album’s release) TMBG played since 1985, compiled by the band. Also included is a timeline of events notable to TMBG fans, such as the election of James K. Polk and when worms evolved. Not only that, but it includes a full list of songs that TMBG has ever recorded as of the compilation’s release, a list of other musicians that have worked with TMBG, and a lot of other meaningless graphs and charts including the frequency of TMBG gigs held in places beginning with “new” and an incorrect list of presidents mentioned in their lyrics.


  1. Minimum Wage
  2. Meet James Ensor
  3. Particle Man
  4. Don’t lets Start
  5. She’s an Angel
  6. Cyclops Rock
  7. Istanbul (Not Constantinople)
  8. Purple Toupee
  9. James K Polk
  10. Birdhouse In Your Soul
  11. Ana Ng
  12. The Guitar
  13. Bangs
  14. The Statue Got Me High
  15. New York City
  16. Doctor Worm
  17. Boss Of Me
  18. Your Racist Friend
  19. Why Does the Sun Shine?
  20. They’ll Need a Crane
  21. I Palindrome I
  22. Put Your Hand Inside the Puppet Head
  23. John Lee Supertaster
  24. Older
  25. We’re The Replacements
  26. Dr Evil
  27. No!
  28. Clap Your Hands
  29. Spider