Huzzah for the March for Science!

Thanks to all the people around the WORLD who made yesterday such a big event. It was our honor facilitating the raising over forty thousand dollars for the March for Science with the Science is Real t-shirt. Meanwhile this now historic object is still here at and we guarantee all future proceeds will go directly to box truck rental, rehearsal studios and sandwiches for the band…

A free TMBG concert for all ages in Central Park

This is a big show, so bring everyone you know! It is totally free, first come first serve right in the heart of Central Park. We will be performing many of our songs related to science, some kids songs and all the favorites from across our entire impossibly too long career. There will be no swearing, but it is a rock show so you’ve been warned!

A big day out for all!

Free show in NYC on Aug 12th

Aug. 12th we play a FREE SHOW for all ages in Central Park. We want to very specifically invite ALL to this show. Although it is family friendly (and shockingly swear-free!) we are playing a WIDE variety of our repertoire-favorites old + new, science songs and kids songs all in one big show! GO!

Our new album making begins at the studio where we made Flood.

Things have been impossibly busy here in TMBGland as just last Monday we have formally embarked on making an album of brand new songs. We are working at Pat Dillett’s new studio space which is the same magnificent studio space that was Skyline Studios in midtown Manhattan where we recorded Flood.

Of course it brings back wonderful memories, but it also brings out fantastic sound (the big room is a magnificent wooden space,
and the Neve console was acquired from Herbie Hancock’s studio–he made Rockit on it!). We spent last Tuesday recording the full band and knocked out four tracks, which felt like a lot even for us. Working titles are Mrs. Bluebeard, An Insult to the Fact Checkers, All Time What and When the Lights Come On. When will we be done? Who knows.

Watch this space!

SPRING has sprung! The new TMBG catalog and sale

Also want to tell everyone that we have a new Spring catalog created by TS Rogers and Todd Alcott with a big array of all our new products –including a beautiful apron just in time for bar-b-wine season designed by Paul Sahre –along with a host of recent t-shirt designs and other objects with the words “They Might Be Giants” on them. Of course, all proceeds will go directly to the They Might Be Giants Integrity Defense Fund.
Pledge time is here in apron form!

And for a limited time, save 10% off anything in the catalog! Use code SPROING at checkout to get your savings. Sale runs through Easter, so act now!