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THE TMBG HOLIDAY STORE IS CLOSED! Thank you so much for your order--and we're sorry if you missed it. For posterity you can check out the amazing package we offered this year (2012) below.

They Might Be Giants'

Brand New Holiday Bundle

For many years They Might Be Giants has had a holiday tradition of bundling together TMBG merchandise and offering it at near-impossible savings. This year we set out to make it extra awesome with a bundle of ALL NEW STUFF!

Through November 19 (or until we hit 2500 orders) the 2012 Holiday bundle--a $90 value--will be available for just $45 plus shipping. That's 50% off! Give it as a gift and surprise a friend, delight your family or just TREAT YOURSELF!

Ships by December 3 in plenty of time for the holidays!

  • The new DVD compilation Them Ain't Big Eye Ants

    This brand new disc spotlights TMBG videos from 2001-2012. Amazing animations and rock videos, including rare Home Movies and Homestar Runner clips! This is a must-have document for all TMBG fans.

    Includes: When Will You Die?, The Mesopotamians, Tubthumping, Bastard Wants to Hit Me, Can't Keep Johnny Down (Fan Version), With the Dark, Electronic Istanbul, Alphabet of Nations, Damn Good Times, Anaheim HOB, We Live In A Dump, Spoiler Alert, Cloisonné, I'm Impressed, You Probably Get That a Lot, Experimental Film, Can't Keep Johnny Down (Surround Version), Shadow Government, Taste the Fame (from Home Movies), Asbury Park, Los Angeles, I'm All You Can Think About, Read a Book, 200 Sbemails.
    Regular price: $20

  • TMBGs new Paranormal, Cryptids, Hoaxes and Myths playing cards!

    This new and totally cool project from Paul Sahre must be seen to be believed. Put the mystery back into poker night and play with the deck They Might Be Giants plays with! This delightful design introduces four new suits: Cryptids, Myths, Hoaxes, and Paranormal.
    Regular price: $15

  • The brand new New Year's Eve shirt with Drinky Crow!

    Finally a BLACK t-shirt any New Yorker or other black t-shirt loving person can wear. Emblazoned with Tony Millionaire's Drinky Crow hitting his own rock bottom with his personal countdown for New Year's. Mr. Crow is illustrated in a beautiful aubergine.

    Available in S, M, L, XL, XXL and XXXL. Also available in women's S, M, L and XL.
    Regular price: $25

  • The brand new TMBG travel mug!

    By popular demand! This mug is ready for work, play and TRAVEL! The stainless-steel liner will keep your coffee or tea hot hot hot, while its clean modern look is pleasing to the eye.
    Regular price: $15

  • Plus this Holiday EXCLUSIVE:

    Set of reprints of TMBG show fliers, and first publicity photo from the mid-80s.

    Direct from John Flansburgh's personal archive, these enigmatic xerox posters were the talk of the East Village in the band's earliest days. Also included is a reprint of the band's very first promo photo. This is a must-have souvenir for the TMBG completist! Packaged with a cardboard stiffener to survive the long USPS trip, the set is presented in a manilla envelop designed by the Offices of Mr. Paul Sahre.
    Limited edition price would be $15, but these posters are only available in this offering.

  • Plus three small secret things to add mystery to the experience!

    Sea Monkeys? Paper submarines? No! But there will be surprises! Exactly three small surprises.

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