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Give the gift of They Might Be Giants music to someone you love or just like a lot! They Might Be Giants' new album Join Us, the brand new rarities collection Album Raises New and Troubling Questions, their 2001 masterpiece Mink Car, and The Spine Surfs Alone EP are all available for instant gift giving right now.

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Join Us album art

Join UsThe latest full length!

Full Album TMBG’s latest full length album was recorded over nine months in New York City with producer Patrick Dillett. Join Us is a truly remarkable album: spanning inspired electronic excursions to blazing rockers spotlighting their legendary barn-storming band. From the opening chime of “Can’t Keep Johnny Down” to the climactic blast of “You Don’t Like Me,” this is TMBG at their finest.

The vinyl edition of the album is a colorful gatefold sleeve. Both CD and vinyl editions include complete lyrics.

Track List

Can’t Keep Johnny Down, You Probably Get That A Lot, Old Pine Box, Canajoharie, Cloisonné, Let Your Hair Hang Down, Celebration, In Fact, When Will You Die, Protagonist, Judy Is Your Viet Nam, Never Knew Love, The Lady and the Tiger, Spoiler Alert, Dog Walker, 2082, Three Might Be Duende, You Don’t Like Me

Album Raises New And Troubling Questions album art

Album Raises New And Troubling QuestionsNew rarities album!

Full Album Contained on this full-length companion album of rarities are many exceptional, previously unheard tracks. In the many months making and then touring behind Join Us, They Might Be Giants created and finished many recordings. Included here is “Tubthumping” from the band’s appearance on The Onion’s AV Club’s Undercover series, the instant classic “Marty Beller Mask,” the live version of “Cloisonné” heard on the official video, a fantastic remix of “You Probably Get That A Lot” from the Elegant Too. Rollicking new music from TMBG’s Other Thing Brass Band sessions fill out the set, making Album Raises New And Troubling Questions a must have for all TMBG music-lovers.

Track List

O We, Authenticity Trip, You Probably Get That A Lot (Elegant Too remix), Marty Beller Mask, Now I Know, How Now Dark Cloud?, The Fellowship of Hell, Mountain Flowers, Doom Doom, Money for Dope, Read A Book, Havalina, Tubthumping (feat. the Onion AV Club Choir), Electronic Istanbul (Not Constantinople), Cloisonné (live), 200 Sbemails, and featuring TMBGs Other Thing Brass Band….Boat of Car, Mr. Me, Dirt Bike, Particle Man

Mink Car album art

Mink Car

Full Album They Might Be Giants “lost” album, Mink Car was largely overlooked due to the almost instant collapse of Restless Records after the events of 9/11. Recorded in New York City and London this album includes the first collaborations with Langer/Winstanley since the Flood session (Bangs, Cyclops Rock, My Man). The album also includes notable productions with Adam Schlesinger from Fountains of Wayne (Man, It’s So Loud in Here, Yeh Yeh, Another First Kiss).

Track List

Bangs, Cyclops Rock, Man, It’s So Loud In Here, Mr. Xcitement, Another First Kiss, I’ve Got A Fang, Hovering Sombrero, Yeh Yeh, Hopeless Bleak Despair, Drink!, My Man, Older, Mink Car, Wicked Little Critta, Finished With Lies, She Thinks She’s Edith Head, Working Undercover For The Man

The Spine Surfs Alone album art

The Spine Surfs Alone

Extended Play This beloved EP of haunted songs deemed too creepy for The Spine will delight all TMBG fans. Includes “Now Is Strange” and “Canada Haunts Me.”

Track List

The Spine Surfs Alone, Now Is Strange, I’m All You Can Think About, Fun Assassin, Skullivan, The Other Side of the World, Canada Haunts Me

No! album art

No!The first album for kids

Full Album No! is They Might Be Giants’ first children’s album. Largely written and recorded “in between sessions” for recording incidental music for the television series “Malcolm in the Middle” and Mink Car, No! was a labor of love from the beginning. Immediately an audience and critical favorite, and now a perennial in the world of family-friendly stuff.

Track List

Fibber Island, Four Of Two, Robot Parade, No!, Where Do They Make Balloons?, In The Middle, In The Middle, In The Middle, Violin, John Lee Supertaster, The Edison Museum, The House At The Top Of The Tree, Clap Your Hands, I Am Not Your Broom, Wake Up Call, I Am A Grocery Bag, Lazyhead And Sleepybones, Bed Bed Bed, Sleepwalkers