Flood Live in Australia – A free TMBG download

Flood Live in Australia poster VHere is a free download of us, They Might Be Giants, performing Flood live in its entirety on our tour of Australia. Please enjoy it, and if you have a moment–spread the word about our project!
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Flood was They Might Be Giants third album, and was a remarkable moment in our career and development both creatively and professionally. Facing the specter of a label major deal and the critical magnifying glass turning to the “college rock scene” TMBG managed to fashion a sprawling original album both sonically engaging yet still closely following our original musical mission.

The “public narrative” of Flood is the topic of a fine 33 1/3 book, and it’s arrival in the world is described in deep detail on the exceptional www.tmbw.net fan wiki.

Here is a video of us telling rock critics about how proud we were of this album.


Flood remains one of our most popular album, and although there are many things we’ve done over the years that people are passionate about, nothing seems to pack the crowds in on a Tuesday night as effectively as a recital of Flood in its entirety. A couple of years back we were faced with the singualar challenge of playing many additional shows on a sold out Australian tour, and to keep things interesting to recidivists as well as ourselves, we played the album a few times, and we were lucky enough to find out these shows were all recorded by our live sound engineer Scott Bozak. Here are the best of those performances.

The album is in reverse sequence–so it slowly moves from it’s dreamy side two to the bracing pop sounds of side one, with the crescendo of the short intro piece that introduces the album.


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