TMBGs Dial-A-Song happened!

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Why is the world in love again? DIAL-A-SONG CAME BACK

They Might Be Giants returned to our roots as the progenitors of the FREE MUSIC FOR EVERYBODY movement with an exciting and ambitious project.

Every Tuesday in 2015 a new song will be posted for your streaming pleasure via and via TMBG’s YouTube channel ParticleMen. (We want to encourage people to subscribe to our YouTube channel because you’ll get notice of the postings straight away.) The new songs will also be posted on our FREE smart phone apps. iPhone or iPad? Of course.  Android? Oui.

We have partnered with the always excellent Slate’s “The Gist” with Mike Pesca to premiere the new songs on their Monday night podcast, and we are coordinating with a tight network of like-minded weekly college, community, and commercial radio shows interested in broadcasting this experiment in human happiness in all the sonic glory that is Dial-A-Song.

New tracks will also be available through iTunes and other fine online music purveyors. The first track we posted is “Erase” is available now here on iTunes and here on Amazon

And here’s the video to “Erase”

And here is a Dial-A-Song post ABOUT Dial-A-Song called “I Wasn’t Listening”


Have all 52 Dial-A-Song tracks delivered direct from us to your inbox. Yep, get ’em all in any format you prefer (including the super hi-fi FLAC format) for just $30. Whenever you join Dial-A-Song Direct you get the new posted songs and the remaining songs of the 52 arrive in your (or your friend’s) inbox every week for the rest of the year. Get it now right here.


Prepare for more! Bonus Fridays is a place for dustified tracks from the dustified stacks, along with demos old and new, to get a chance to march around in the sunshine for just a brief moment. These songs are RARE and have been rescued from obscurity but not from compromised fidelity, so people concerned with sonic beauty—please don’t get your hopes up. But the ideas—the IDEAS! Dial-A-Song subscribers can expect a bonus track every other week. We want to keep the quality zesty and unusual!


…and going international. If you are a DJ on a college, community or commercial terrestrial radio station join us and broadcast the 2015 Dial-A-Song experience. We are organizing interviews with the band, and making IDs as we type! All the information is here.